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We have a variety of direct mail programs to offer

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Achieving your objectives while meeting your budget is our specialty. An effective mail campaign requires knowledge of all aspects of direct mail from design to print to postal regulations to mail production.

Graphic Design and Message
Do you know that your mail piece has less than 5 seconds to create interest? We work with you to define the type of piece, packaging, message, and offer to create results.
We offer high-end design to meet any of our client’s needs. Understanding the target market and the industry of our clients is the job our design team. Bringing you the utmost highest levels of creativity is what we do best. Whether we are creating the company image that will last a lifetime or just a small marketing campaign, our levels of commitment to customer satisfaction never changes. Our team of designers’ work with dozens of software programs, but we encourage every client out there to understand the priority question to ask themselves when working with their design team of choice.... Can creativity be taught?



CASS is the Coding Accuracy Support System. It ensures the accuracy of zip codes and delivery point bar codes that appear on your mail pieces. CASS Certification is valid for 180 days.

NCOA (National Change of Address) compares your mailing list to more than 160 million address changes. When a postal customer files a permanent change of address with their local Post Office, the move is added to NCOA. When name and address information on your mailing list matches name and "old" address information on NCOA, your mailing list will be updated with the new address. NCOA certification is valid for 90 days.

Presorted stands for the software sorting of the mailing list by the first 5 digit zip code and then the first 3 digit zip code. Basically the mail is presorted for the mail carrier.

Automated stands for the barcode being printed on the actual mailing piece. This barcode is read by the postal machines to eliminate manual sorting.

Non-Machinable stands for the size ratio not meeting Postal Regulations, and a Postal employee will sort manually, this increases postage prices.

Our ability to deliver highly targeted prospect data boosts your campaign's effectiveness. We tailor your message and offer to appeal to your target audience, avoiding the expense of sending information to the wrong people and helping you achieve results through smarter direct marketing.

Do you know that selecting the right paper, piece size, and printing equipment can impact your print costs by up to 50%?


What do we do

Direct Mail Services:  Full service direct mail campaigns, from concept, printing, design, database target and deliver, sorting, mail merge, CASS certification, label or laser print, variable data printing, custom mailing lists, bulk rate postage permit, rental, and all preparations needed to complete the project including post office drop off.
Achieving Results  Faceless Technologies is a multi-service Denver company specializing in developing high-tech solutions for marketing, mailing, and information campaigns. We can make your marketing dollars work harder by providing you with an effective, one-stop, targeted marketing service.
“Our company's success comes only from the success of our clients.”
Targeted Direct Mail  In an age of information overload, the effectiveness of your message relies more than ever on reaching the right audience. Through our unique SmartDataTM process, we specialize in identifying and targeting the audience that will bring you the results you need, save you valuable time, and maximize your marketing dollars.