Services: Marketing

What is your impression of marketing?

Many business people think marketing means only promotion and advertising. As a full service marketing firm, we know from our experience that marketing actually covers everything including new business or product development, public/press relations, market research, company culture, company positioning, and even all of the sales functions as well. It’s the process by which a business decides what it is that they will sell, who will buy it, when will this be done, and how it is done. It is the methods used by a company to publicize and position its products and/or services to its chosen market sectors, including product launches, image and brand building, press and public relations activities, merchandising (supporting and promoting the product in retail or wholesale outlets), special offers, generating leads and inquiries, and creating incentives to distributors, agents, and salespeople. Advertising and promotion methods are sometimes described as “above the line” (media advertising such as radio, TV, cinema, newspaper and magazines) or “below the line” (non media methods or materials such as brochures, direct-mail, exhibitions, telemarketing, and public relations).

We can take a start up business, build up their identity while we build revenue or we can build brand awareness of an established business.

How strong is your Brand?

Think of your corporate identity as your strongest marketing element. If you can create a powerful identity - If your name and other marketing communications can begin to have maximum impact on prospective clientel - your company will engrave your image into the minds of your customers. Although your product or service may be identical in terms of quality and price, consumers will often attach themselves to a brand, not to an actual product. That's not to play down the importance of offering a quality product or service, but if you neglect your corporate brand, you miss the opportunity to nurture the powerful bond and consumer trust it creates.

Once we have evaluated your needs and market demographics, we set forth on an intricate process from concept to creation. Bring together diverse marketing elements, stich them together, resuscitate with your company's unique culture, and then watch it come to life.

A brand campaign should integrate all of your marketing communications into a cohesive package. Once you create a name and visual identity that captures the essence of your organization, you can apply the brand to print collaterals, product packaging, web sites, multimedia presentations and physical environments such as trade show displays and store layouts.

A successful image engages customers - emotionally and intellectually - then lingers in their memory. Only then can you begin to foster trust.


some aspects of our marketing abilities

Media buying and placement
Product positioning and pricing
Development of strategic, business and marketing plans
Coordination of all internal and external marketing/communications efforts and materials
Development and tracking of marketing budget
Development and direction of newspaper, radio, television, direct mail campaigns and annual reports
Development of websites and copywriting
Based on your goals and budget, we will develop a strategic marketing program full of powerful results-driven marketing strategies to attract new customers and increase sales. We have a knowledge base of thousands of different marketing, advertising and publicity strategies to promote your business.