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public and media relations

Public relations provide a service for the company by helping to give the public and the media a better understanding of how the company works. Within a company, public relations can also come under the title of public information or customer relations. These departments assist customers if they have any problems with the company. They are usually the most helpful departments, as they exist to show the company at their best.

PR also helps the company to achieve its full potential. They provide feedback to the company from the public. This usually takes the form of research regarding what areas the public is most happy and unhappy with.

Faceless Technologies can provide the Public Relations needed for you to achieve your company goals. We can provide media coverage through print, television and radio while we create the buzz for people to be talking about your company, product or service. We will align your public relations with your current branding efforts and company goals to achieve. We listen to those points while we plan a detailed strategy to reach them on time and within budget.


Todays business world is highly competitive

The business world of today is extremely competitive. Companies need to have an edge that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that makes them more appealing and interesting to both the public and the media. The public are the buyers of the product and the media are responsible for selling it.

Building strategic relationships between your brand and the media with captivating press releases & story pitches, while building the media and public interest in your brand, product or event.

Get to the heart of the issues in your community with well managed, community events and sponsorships. We set up the perfect pairing with local events, non-profits and co-op functions that will bring the attention to your brand and business. Sponsorships are built in creative formats to maximize the "wow" factor.

Our team of writers have a sharp eye for detail and a keen sense of what makes an attention-grabbing story. We are fast, accurate, and creative while providing relevant and valuable content. From Internal Marketing to ensure the company culture is explained, felt and understood by the team representing the brand to Direct Mail or External marketing pieces that will deliver your message to your target market properly to presenting news worthy angles on getting the media coverage you would like for your business or product/service.

Some PR Services include: (call us and ask us for details)

Offline and Online Newspaper and Magazine Campaigns

Interviews on Talk Radio and Commercial Radio stations

Local and National TV appearances